ALTER LUDUS: From teaching experience to artistic experimentation

Children in compulsory secondary education can be viewed as representative models of the social complexity of the adult world, with all of the parameters of coexistence, growth, learning, success and failure that occur throughout people’s lives.

The aim of this artistic project is to recover the value of certain fleeting elements of everyday school life, which may be rejected, excluded or ignored but which are present in educational practice, and which are full of contents and meanings that speak of boys and girls, of their dynamics, of their interactions, of their experiences, of their struggles, of their efforts, of their hopes and of their aspirations.

Unregulated, in other words, spontaneous, plastic expression and the use, in the broadest sense, of visual language by adolescents at school, generates the often transgressive production of generally fleeting and transitory graphologies, compositions, signs and objects that acquire a communicative, expressive, critical or celebratory nature, in other words, the inherent nature of the language of art.

Sandwich wrappings, paper planes, ripped up paper, drafts of poetry and dirty blackboards become allegories for the dynamics of our adult lives, paradigms of human contact, of the search for consensus, of submission to and rebellion against rules, of overcoming limitations, of the complexity of each life story, of difficulties with communication, or multicultural richness and so much more.

Alter Ludus