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Massimo Cova (Ferrara,Italy, 1960).

A graduate in Higher Architecture at the Faculty of Venice (1986), a postgraduate diploma at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (1995), a graduate in Fine Arts (2006) and a PhD (2016) at the University of Barcelona; Extraordinary Degree Award and National End of Course Award. He has put on several personal and collective exhibitions of paintings, drawings and photographs; he has published the books Llums i ombres d’Arenys (1999) and Barcelona de viatge (2001), as well as numerous essays on the history of photography over three years of collaboration with the MNAF (Alinari National Museum of Photography) in Florence; he did illustrations for the TV3 series Històries de Catalunya and collaborated with the Fotografies show. As an architect, he has worked for 15 years in Catalonia on public and private projects and is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (UB).

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