Pictorial traces of information

This artistic project ponders the relationships between the subjective language of painting and the codes of digital technology, between the limits of electronic information and the transcendence of pictorial complexity.

The events of the “Catalan Question” and the so-called “Arab Spring” are two of the points of reference for this pictorial project, a transposition to the field of art of everyday paradigms, whose reflection is born before the screens, out of the emotions that are experienced live and the inherent characteristics of digital images.

The images allude to macroscopic realities, events in the news that therefore construct meaning, that are transmitted through the microscopic digital world, which painting magnifies here onto a greater scale, where the image is an underlying factor and where the concepts that flourish are those of form, colour, perception and meaning.

Communication technologies connect us simultaneously, through their signals and codes, with a present, instantaneous and global time, inducing experiences of the world that are fictitious and indirect for us, yet at the same time real, through the flows of virtual simulations that, like any epistemological legacy, modify the structure of our conscience and define new models of cultural identity.